PENCIL skulptures by: Jennifer Maestre

This is one of Maestre's first pencil sculptures, which she made in 1999 and gave to a good friend as a wedding present. "It is a woven fabric of pencils, like all my sculptures, but unlike most has no rigidity at all," she says. "It can be manipulated into different forms, just like a piece of fabric."

This is another sculpture Maestre's gallery asked her to make for the Fuller Craft Museum's basket show. The 9" x 14" x 13" work has since been sold. "I called it ?Seethe? because it reminds me of lava bubbling out of a volcano," she says.

Maestre named this 13" x 10" x 10" work, which she made and sold in 2008, after an ancient Egyptian sculpture. "I've been waiting to make a sculpture worthy of the name, and here she is," she says. "I think the Ibentina is my favorite pencil sculpture."


"I have been obsessed with the idea of the elements of legs and petals, but they are technically very tricky and I am still experimenting," says Maestre. In fact, the 7" x 17" x 17" sculpture, which Maestre made for a basket show at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts, took her several attempts to get right. "I was trying to make a floating element in the center, with petals unfolding like sun rays."


This 12" x 12" x 12" sculpture?s name means a song or hymn of mourning?because it seems to be lamenting loss, in Maestre's opinion. It's been called a gorilla, frog and Egyptian mask, among other things, which is why Maestre likes it. "I don't want people to be banged over the head with what I think my art is?I love it when they bring their own interpretation."


This 14" x 12" x 12" creature was inspired by jellyfish, octopuses and sea monsters. "I spent about two months on this one, on and off," Maestre says. "My hands really start to hurt if I don't take breaks and give them a rest." It's on display at Mobilia Gallery.

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3 kommentarer

Catzy Munster

23.07.2010 kl.22:19

oi, det der er kreativt! awesome!

Marlen Næss

23.07.2010 kl.23:34

skikkelig kult da:)


25.07.2010 kl.12:33

så sinnsykt kult! eg var sikker på at det var fra havet eg..

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