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This is a blog where you get to take part in the creating process of the clothing line, Black Rat. If you're working on your own brand you might pick up a few tricks you didn't know. The idea with this blog is to share experience. Be open and honest. This is where I'll share the experience and challenges I meet while working with the Rat. 


Black Rat for MUUSE x Vogue Talents 2013

Dear people, I am participant in MUUSE x VOGUE Talents' fashion design competition. The 50 participants with most votes goes to the semifinals. This would have been a great blast for Black Rat as the winner gets production, promotion and sales covered on this collection. It would mean so much to me. 

You can vote with your Facebook account or your e-mail address. No strings attached. Thank you so much in advance! Your support means everything!


Black Rat A/W 2013 - PHOTOSHOOT

Black Rat A/W 2013 photoshoot with photographer Tine Hagfors. Hair: Steven Pimjang. Makeup: Sonja C. Pedersen. Location: BLÅ Oslo.
This collection was represented as "Newcomer of the year" on Oslo Fashion Week.




Black Rat Webshop Products

Soft scarf in 100% wool. Made in Italy. 143 cm x 29 cm, 599 kr 


Check out the Black Rat webstore, and get your own unique product first hand. The A/W 13 will also be sold here, but meanwhile enjoy some of our nice accessories.

Rat Beanie - Free shipping, 299 kr

Soft snood, 100% Merino Wool, 499 kr

Black Death Scarf, Linnen/Viscose, 399 kr

Leather Card Holder, 399 kr

Leather Iphone case, 349 kr



Black Rat vs. Matthew Barney - Photo: Knut Bry

Black Rat clothing next to Matthew Barney art installations, Oslo Fashion Week, 04.02.13
Photo: Knut Bry / Tinagent




Black Rat - The dark label from Oslo, Norway

After presenting Black Rat's very first collection during Oslo Fashion Week, it has gotten a lot of attention. Here are some of the reviews:

- Aftenposten

- Haugesunds Avis

- Tekstilforum

- Norwegian Fashion

- Vixen Magazine

- IIV Ida Isabelle

- OFW Magazine
(Editorial + article)

- Oslo Fashion Week - News

- Oslo Nights (photos)

- (photos)

We are also pleased that so many took photos of the exhibition. All photos in this post is by: Tarek Rahali.




Black Rat A/W 13 "Mutiny" on Oslo Fashion Week

Black Rat was presented as Newcomer of the season on the great opening night of Oslo Fashion Week. Heroic models next to amazing art by Matthew Barney and to the tunes of ALTAAR, the exhibition on the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art 4th. of February became eyecathing and unique.

​"Mutiny" consits of 12 outfits. 6 menswear + 6 womenswear. The collection is inspired by the travelling sailor who has life experience built on hard weather and mutinies. The expression is part classic, part androgynous. The ground thought behind the concept of Black Rat - Norwegian underground music - sets the relaxed silhouette.

As one by one model moved frequently between the art installations to the deep drone tunes by ALTAAR, the Black Rat exhibition was hypnotically catchy. The audience expressed that they almost didnt manage to stop watching.

Photo: Magne Risnes
Makeup: Sonja C. Pedersen
Makeup assistant: Mari Jensen
Hair: Eirik Thorsen / Adam og Eva

Shoes: Bianco
Models: Jonas Foss, Pierre Nydén, Brian Dahl Weir, Joao Friezas, Vegard Bleken, Tine Solenby, Stine Mari Haaland, Ksenia Jensen, Emma Stridh, Helene Nebdal, Ragna Solbergnes / No bureau



Black Rat = Newcomer of the season on OFW

Black Rat is proud and honored to be presented as the newcomer of the season on Oslo Fashion Week's 19th edition. A/W 13 collection "Mutiny" will be shown on the opening days exhibition on the brand new Astrup Fearnley Museum, 4th of Febuary, 2013.

In the OFW Magazine you can read more of about Black Rat and see some amazing shots of the womenswear. ​

Photo: Ole Marius Fossen
Makeup: Tomas Erdis
Hair: Lars Eitran /Adam og Eva
Models: Helene and Thea / Pholk
Photo assistant: Mari Torvanger Knap
Hair assistant: Maya Katrine Røe / Adam og Eva
Styling and designer: Siri Sveen Haaland / Black Rat




12.12.12 Welcome to Black Rat - Raw fashion from Norway

Black Rat is an urban​​​​​​​​​​ label which serves you dark, tailored​​​​​​​​​​​​ and raw​​​​​​​​​​ clothing inspired by the underground culture of Norway. Launched 12.12.2012, 12.12 AM.

The Rats focus is on supreme qualities and perfect fitting. Most products are hand made in our atelier in Oslo.

Created in 2012 by designer Siri Sveen Haaland.

CHECK OUT the INTRODUCTION OFFER in our webstore. 25% off on all items untill 26th of December.

...Day after... blog INTERVIEW

Interessant. Ein morosam vri av eit intervju på "..Day After.." av Ashkan som held til på vestkysten av USA. Han arbeider og for VNfold, eit nydeleg mote/musikk/kunst magasin. Anbefales!
Verda er liten på internett.


Intereseting. A different twist of interview on "..Day After.." by Ashkan who is based on the west coast of USA. He also works for VNfold, a superb fashion/music/arts magazine. Recommended!
The world is small on the worldwide web.



FRONT PAGE on Not Just a Label, AGAIN!

Huttetu, så moro! Eg er så heldig som får fronte Not Just a Label sine "svarte får". Kom ut forrige onsdag og vil vere der til onsdag som kjem. Og herved er min kjære "Electric Voodoo" kolleksjon til salgs.. Kjenner det skjærer litt i hjarta å måtte skiljast frå den kjære første kolleksjonen min. Svært høg affeksjonsverdi!


Wow, how fun! I am so lucky to get to front Not Just a Label's "Black Sheep". It came out last wednesday and will stay there untill the comming wednesday. And hereby my beloved "Electric Voodoo" collection is for sale. Can feel my heart burst by the thought of loosing my dear first collection. Oh, the affection!



Featured in PERSONAE Magazine

I seinaste nummer av Personae er eg så heldig å fått dedikert nesten ei heil side! Gøyalt!


In the latest issue of Personae I am so lucky to have been dedicated almost an entire page! Lovely!

Front cover Personae Magazine 2. 2010.



Electric Voodoo's MITTELMODA 2010

Photo: Steven Stieng

Ein del av deltakinga i konkurransen Mittelmoda var å presentere kolleksjonen forann ein høgt profilert jury. (Lista over årets jury finn du nederst på DENNE sida.) At nervene var i høgspenn vil ikkje vere å overdrive, men eg kom meg heilskinna og oppreist gjennom det heile. Kva eg hugser frå det er ein annan sak. Men har lagd ved bilete(bevis!) som eg fann på Moda-online.
Har også lagt ved litt andre forskjellige bilete frå sjølve Mittelmoda opphaldet i Italia. Slik at de får ein liten smakebit av korleis kolleksjonen min hadde det der nede.
Siste kvelden(1.juli) kom sjølve høgdepunktet - visninga! Nederst i innlegget har eg lagt ved eit bilete frå den som er henta frå Norwegian Fashion.


A part of participating in the competition Mittelmoda was to present our collection in front of a high-profiled jury. (The list of this years jury members is at the bottom of THIS page.) That my nerves were in high-gear is not a exaggeration, but I got through it alive and even standing up straight. What I remember from it is another thing. But I've added some pictures(proof!) which I found on Moda-online.
Have also added some other pictures from the stay in Italy. Just to give you a taste of how my collection had it down there.
Later that evening was the climax - the show! At the bottom of this post I've added a picture from it which I've gotten from Norwegian Fashion.

Photo: Steven Stieng
From Moda-online:

Part of presentation: "You can compare the process of getting to know a song. After the first time you've listened to it you probably just remember the refrain, the main riff or the most catchy lines - you remember the silhouette and the clearest details.
After a couple of times you know more of the words and tensions - and it starts to reveal itself.
And after a while, when you know the song in and out, you can see right through the secrets it hid at first."

Photo: Nikki Cohen

(Private photo)
My soldiers on a rack.

(Private photos)
Catwalk rehersal.


Photo: Norwegian Fashion

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Review from Fashion Trend Magazine

Eg kjenner meg bortskjemd som framleis lev i glansen av min eigen kolleksjon. Det italienske bladet Fashion Trend Magazine har skrive om meg i forbindelse med Skandinavisk design "Dreaming Noir", og eg er kry som ein hane! Eller struts om du vil!
Sjekk ut heile bladet her: FASHION TREND MAGAZINE 28


I feel so spoilt living in the fame of my own collection. The italian magazine Fashion Trend Magazine has written about me in connection with the topic Scandinavian Design, "Dreaming Noir", and I'm proud as a rooster! Or an ostrich! Yes!
Check out the entire issue here: FASHION TREND MAGAZINE 28

Zoom-in text on my article

Zoom-in article leader text

Entire article about Scandinavian design

Cover of the Magazine 28#

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ESMOD Oslo diploma show 2009

Joho! Endelig har eg fått tak i fine bilete frå diplomvisninga vår i fjor. Alle er av den überflinke fotografen Steven Stieng frå Norwegian Fashion.


Yehay! I've finally got some nice pictures from our diploma show last year. All of them are by the skilful photographer Steven Stieng from Norwegian Fashion.

One happy designer recieving the "Best Menswear Award"

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FINALIST at Mittelmoda international fashion award


Gurimalla, månadens høydare låg i innboksen min i dag. Eg er finalist i Mittelmoda, dvs. ein internasjonal designkonkurranse med rot i Italia.
Dei hadde motteke 700 portfolioar frå heile verda og valt ut 23 finalistar. Phu!! Gjett om eg er kry! Eg er einaste nordmann. Så nå vert det visning i Gorizia i Italia 1. juli. Joho!

Nå har eg sjølvsagt sitte å googla konkurrentane mine. Var ikkje alle eg klarte å finne bilete av i farta, men då eg såg kolleksjonen til Newzealander Roxanna Zamani vart eg ikkje mindre nervøs...



Oh, lord! the ego-boost of the month landed in my inbox today. I'm a finalist in Mittelmoda, an international design competition located in Italy.
They had recieved 700 portfolios from all around the world, and chosen 23 finalists. Phu!! I'm so proud! I'm the only Norwegian participating. So, this summer 1st. of July there will be a runway show in Gorizia, Italy.

Now I've been googlin' all of my competitors (of course I had to!) I couldn't find pictures from all of them, but I must say, when I saw the collection of the Newzealender Roxanna Zamani I didn't get less nervous...

Design: Roxanna Zamani

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My zombie soldiers are still alive!

På tross av at avgangskolleksjonen min byrjar å nærme seg eit år, så lev den framleis i beste velgåande. Etter tips frå min fantastiske venninne, Gloria Auma, ville nokre elevar frå Bilder Nordic låne kleda mine i ein fotoshoot. Slikt vekkjer liv i zombiesoldatane mine, og det har dei berre godt av. Grunna 4 forskjellige fotografar er uttrykket forskjellig i bileta.


Though it is almost one year since my graduate collection was done, it still lives a life of its own. After my incredible friend, Gloria Auma, tipped me off to some pupils at Bilder Nordic, they wanted to borrow my clothes for a fashion shoot. Happenings like this wakes my zombie soldiers, which they deserve. Since there were 4 different photographers on the shoot, the expression isn't similar in all of the pictures.

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My precious: Electric Voodoo

PHOTO: Thomas Furu

Eg har fått nokre forespørslar om å poste bilete av mine eigne ting, så her er nokre smakebitar av avgangskolleksjonen min, Electric Voodoo. Med utgangspunkt i Jimi Hendrix og hans arbeidsmetodar vart resultatet ein fin mix av militære strikte linjer med voodoo zombiar blanda i hop under eit metaforisk uttrykk. Sjekk gjerne ut fleire bilete på heimesida mi SIRI SVEEN HAALAND eller MYSPACE


I have recieved some requests on posting some pictures of my own stuff, so here it is, a little selection of my graduate collection, Electric Voodoo. With Jimi Henrix and his working techniques as a starting point, the result became a mix of military strict lines and voodoo zombies blended in a metaphoric expression. Feel free to check out more pictures at my homepage SIRI SVEEN HAALAND or my MYSPACE.

PHOTO: Thomas Furu


PHOTO: Truls Qvale, STYLIST: Amar Faiz

Takka vere denne kolleksjonen arbeider eg nå som klesdesignar på fulltid, SÅ fort etter eg vart ferdigutdanna. Eg er så takknemleg!
For tida ventar eg på bilete frå ei visning i Korea(!) og ein annan fotoshoot kolleksjonen har vore med i, i tillegg til ein reportasje om designet mitt i engelske Glass Magazine(Eg vil nok poste alt her etterkvart). Utanom å skumme fløyten på den travle avgangskolleksjonen min, arbeider eg for to andre norske firma i tillegg til å utvikle ein kommersiell kolleksjon under eit nytt merke. Eg lev i ein draum eg håpar aldri tar slutt!


Thanks to this collection I allready now work fulltime as a fashion designer. I am so grateful!
Currently I am waiting for pictures from a show in Korea(!) and another photoshoot my collection were a part of, in addition to an article on my design in the English Glass Magazine(I will post them her eventually). Next to live in the spotlight of my busy graduate collection I work for two Norwegian companies as well as developing a brand new collection for a new clothing brand. Oh, my! I live in a dream I hope never end!

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I am on the FRONT PAGE of Not Just A Label

Då eg kikka innom Not Just A Label i dag svimla det litt for meg då eg såg mitt eige namn og bilete av eine jakka mi på framsida. Jepp, FRONT PAGE!! Eg er så kry! Kjempekry! Det er ei god kjensle at kolleksjonen min framleis holder mål på tross av at den byrjar å nærme seg eitt år.
Temaet på Not Just A Label er "Scandinavian Simplicity" og eg er jammen heldig som har blitt plukka ut til å vere med å representere nettopp dette. Veldig moro! Profilen min på NJAL kan du ta ein kikk på HER.


When I peeked on Not Just A Label today I got a bit dizzy when I saw my own name and photo of my jacket on the front page. Yes, FRONT PAGE! I am so proud! It is a good feeling to see that my collection is still doing a great job though it soon is one year old.
The theme on Not Just A Label is "Scandinavian Simplicity" and I am really lucky who got picked out to represent this. You can take a look at my NJAL profile HERE.

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25, Sveio

Siri is the designer of the clothing brand Black Rat.

This blog is her online inspiration book where she shares her inspiration sources in
As well as posting news about her own design,
BLACK RAT. Feel free to check it out and don't hesitate to leave a comment about what you think!

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